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How to let fullpage.js and scrolling interaction work together?

Hi there,
I have a problem with how to let fullpage.js and scrolling interaction work together, I have found a similar problem like this: Scrolling Interactions with Fullpage.js.
So on my site, I have set up fullpage.js on my homepage and it works perfectly on my Published site:, if anyone interested in this function, I have followed this: Fullpage.js step by step set up, it explains clearly. :+1::+1::+1: (I can understand this function not shows on my editing site, so all the discussing will be around how to make function works on the published site)
And I have followed this: background scroll interaction:+1::+1::+1:. To set up my scrolling interaction, and this works well on my editing site: Read-Only link But on my published site, it doesn’t work anymore, I have tried few times but I’m still stuck right here.
I have looked through the forums and found similar topics, but I didn’t find the answer. I wish this problem will be solved for the Webflow’s fans on this time.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!Thanks so much and if you guys have any questions about my problem explanation, please feel free to leave the message to let me know.

Hi @Virginia_Zhu as the Fullpage.js actually highjacks the scrolling function, so it stops the scroll interactions from working within Webflow and I’m not sure if there’s a custom code workaround to enable both the Webflow created scroll interaction and fullpage.js to fire correctly.

Have you considered instead turning off the fullpage.js implementation?

Many web designers/developers/site visitors find fullpage scroll jacking to have a negative impact on the experience as it is very rigid compared to a smooth native-scroll experience like you have within the Designer in Preview mode:

Hi, Waldo,

Thank you so much for replying me. I think probably I will consider other functions. Thanks for your time!
:heart::heart::heart: @Waldo
If you have any other suggestions about my website, please feel free to let me know, I appreciate learning.

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