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How to integrate sendcloud to webflow e-commerce?

Hallo, I am trying for days to integrate sendcloud to my webshop. I really don’t get it. Can some one help me with this. Thanks.


I agree - bump! Please someone help with this…

Hi Storai Akmal and Sean,

First of all, thanks for your interest in Sendcloud. This discussion came to our attention and we would like to give you a reply ourselves.

At this moment we don’t have a direct integration with Webflow unfortunately. We are integrating Sendcloud into a lot of popular platforms like Webflow, so there’s a big chance we will investigate an integration in the future. Until now, it’s not on the roadmap yet, unfortunately.

In the meantime, you could check with the people at Webflow or check with a Webflow-partner if it’s possible to build a custom integration with our extensive API.

Hope this helps!

Iris from Sendcloud

hi, have you got some news about that ? can we integrate sendcloud with your API ?

Hi, do you have any news about sendcloud’s integration to webflow ?

Hi! No the integration is still not done and it is not planned yet. I asked them about it 4 days ago.