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Infusionsoft integration? - feature request

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if there was any integration or documentation using infusionsoft CRM. Initially I thought the mailchimp documentation would work because the form generation is almost exactly the same using the “POST” method and the form “action” url.

Unfortunately, when I go to try out the form, the form doesn’t get sent out. I’ve been looking a while for a solution for submitting forms without redirect and webflow seemed to have an awesome interface for that. I’m just hoping for an integration in the near term.

has anyone found a way to implement this?


What I need is a form integration with Infusionsoft. If this could be implemented, it will save me a lot of time and no design changes would be needed.

However I managed to integrate an Infusionsoft form by simply pasting the code into a container or a div block within my Webflow test site.

One thing I wanted was a transparent background for the Infusionsoft form and I found instructions here:

However it didn’t affect the backgorund color of the field itself. For that reason and time saving, an integration would be highly appreciated. Anyway, it helps to control the rest with Webflow, like having a semi-transparent background color or photo.

Hi alfonsovictoria, I see you are able to do this just fine with infusionsoft’s javascript code.

I on the other hand am looknig for a way to integrate infusionsoft’s html form code in with webflow much like the way webflow has mailchimp integrated. I am able to implement infusionsofts code by hacking the published code in from webflow’s exported version of site, although because it’s a still using the POST method, it automatically redirects. I really enjoy the effects you can make will forms without having to goto another page, it just gives the confirmation right there with a little javascript action and still submits the data to infusion.

Weblow, is there anyway we can get this to work?