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How to integrate a JS pricing calculator in Webflow

Hi All,

I am working with a JS developer who will provided a JS pricing calculator and wondering what kind of deliverables and code format the programmer needs to provide in order to be workable on my Webflow site.

  1. Can the JS calculator be developed as a SPA (with Angular) or needs to be pure JS?
  2. How can JS code or SPA be added into Webflow


Your developer will be able to advise you on that.

It will be up to the developer to figure this out based on how they decide to implement it.

Sorry I missed your comment.
You are saying:
It will be up to the developer to figure this out based on how they decide to implement it.

Do you think that just making a script similar to a 3rd party script like intercom or paypal that can be included as Custom code using the embed compnent be easier?


Something like this perhaps?

Angular is a web framework with a bunch of different modules, many of which obviously will not be used in the calculator and there is no point in drawing all these modules. Angular is just right for the SPA, and if the site does not use it, then it’s better to take some less heavyweight tool, for example, the ReactJS orjQuery library, and even just plain JavaScript.

But it depends on the functions that should be in the calculator and its complexity. If the calculator is too complicated, then you can take React, if the average is jQuery, and for very simple, a few lines of JavaScript will do.

You can add code to Webflow by inserting custom code.

Another way to create a calculator without using JavaScript is uCalc calculator builder. Not only a programmer, but also an entrepreneur who does not own JavaScript can create a calculator in it. After all, there is no need to know programming, as editing takes place in visual mode with the addition of widgets.