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How to install Parallax ImageScroll in webflow

Please, Anybody can show me how to install Parallax ImageScroll in webflow.

Thank you.

You seem to refer to something, do you have a link for it?

Hi Vincent,

Here you are a link to a website that uses the effect that I would like to use:

to have the images entering the site by sliding on scroll?

Webflow does that out of the box.

Watch the interaction tutorials here

maybe this video will help you:

Hi PixelGeeK, Thanks for your advice but I I was referring to the effect of the movement of the sections of the website:


I just applied that to my website recently. It’s quite simple actually.
So just place a ‘Section’ and set 100% width and set the height to something like 600px. Upload a picture (but set it as a background for the image)
Once you uploaded the image select ‘Tile’ none, and ‘Fixed’ Checked and bam! You’ve got yourself the parallax effect.

Good luck!

Hi Haris,

Done!. Thank you very much!

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