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How to install honeypot to contact form and add BCC contact form

Hello @Waldo,

How would we install honeypot onto the contact form?

Also how would we add a BCC email address to the contact form?

Website build:


We’re not sure how to do these.

Hey @adster

Are you referring to the Honey Pot technique (

Or the HoneyPot plugin for Contact Form 7?

If you’re referring to the technique itself (ie hiding an input field from human viewers of your site), you can just:

  • Create your contact form (including the dummy field)
  • Give your dummy field a clas (eg “test_email”)
  • Add some CSS to the custom header code section to hide it:
    <style>#test_email { display: none; } </style>

You’ll then be able to see which of your contact submissions are spam on your Forms page, due to the fact that bots will fill out the “test_email” field even though its hidden. All your genuine contacts will have a blank entry for the “test_email” field.

Hope this helps