How to install exported webflow files to wordpress

Hi all, newbie here, apologies if i chose the wrong category.
I’m looking to install the exported zip to my wordpress, however it failed to install

I’m thinking i might need to use file manager but when I upload to public_html and extract everything
I moved css, js, font, and images to themes folder within wp_content
however i just see plain text when i open the website

I can easily copy the html to my homepage but it shows ‘made in webflow’ badge which i want to hide (i’m a paying member so i have the option to disable it)

Any help would be appreciated!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

Let me ask you first in case this is an X/Y problem: Why do you want to convert a Webflow project into a Wordpress theme?

hi samliew,
thanks for the quick reply. My intention is just to design with webflow and host it on my wordpress as i have a hosting package with siteground and prefer to have everything on there

If you are just hosting static Webflow pages and assets, you do not need Wordpress. Simply replace the entire Wordpress folder contents with the Webflow exported files.