How to Install Ads.txt?

I need to do this as well. Would really appreciate some guidance here.

I have not found a solution yet!


In response to IAB’s ads.txt protocol launch, we are sending personalized ads.txt files that will ensure all advertisers can buy ad spaces on your site. This text file will help you access more buyers, which will ultimately help your site generate more ad revenue.

To install the file, follow these steps:

  1. Open the ads.txt file sent to you from Insticator via email. php developer uk to implement successfully, the file must be added to your root directory folder.

  2. Have your webmaster implement the ads.txt file into your system’s root directory folder.





In the IAB ads.txt specs they say: “Only a single HTTP redirect to a destination outside the original root domain is allowed to facilitate one-hop delegation of authority to a third party’s web server domain.” (
So it is possible to put ads.txt to a different webhosting and then under ‘hosting/301 redirects’ in webflow project settings setup a redirect /ads.txt → [hosting you have access to]/ads.txt
Of course this requires you to have one extra hosting which is far from ideal solution, but it is a working one.

Has anyone figured out how to do this? I tried setting up a redirect but webflow does not allow redirects to an entirely different url unless that url is connected to webflow. Does anyone have any other suggestions?

What you describe makes it sound like Webflow does not allow redirects to externally hosted sources. That is not the case.

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Now whether that works for google would need to be tested. My impression was that it does.

Webflow should provide a good solution to this. My website will not run the ads properly and I shouldn’t host the Ads.txt and add another hosting plan somewhere else. Everything should be under Webflow, nobody is paying cheap for the Weflow hosting plans


Waiting on this as well. Any news? Would be pretty shocking if Webflow has not taken care of such a simple and necessary issue…

Hi @itamarro, thanks for the update. This is a feature that will likely be added, but I do not have the exact timeline yet.

Another Webflow customer had found a workaround that had worked for them, here is a sample video with the steps:

I would check that workaround, I have not had a chance to test this myself yet, but the report was that the workaround was working.


I just tried implementing this redirect method outlined in the video. I’m waiting to see if it gets verified by Google AdSense.

Is it possible to put in a request to Webflow to have certain files uploaded to the root of your site via ftp?

There is no access to sites via FTP.

I followed this method and it works.

Did you happen to find out if it was verified by AdSense? I’m also using AdSense and just used this method.

The method CyberDave shared in his response worked for me: LMS | Redirect to ads.txt

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That’s great! Do you remember how long it took until the warning went away?

I believe it verified within 24 hours.

But this workaround method requires another site plan in order to enable 301 redirects. Right? Or am I missing something here?

I have followed this method and it doesn’t work on any of my sites. It’s been a year since webflow has commented on this and this still has not been resolved on a large scale. Are there any webflow fixes to this?

Edit to add, I manage nearly a dozen websites on webflow and I’ve grown tired of things not being addressed properly. I’m close to pulling all of them and going to another platform

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same!! super easy solution I would highly suggest spent too much time on this! thanks steve!

um… It looks like this method is not okay for verifying Facebook’s app-ads.txt

More info about this.

:slightly_smiling_face: Suggest Webflow to add such ability like Wix: