How to i add two boxes next to each other in a section?

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Hi, I am totally new here but I love it. I have watched all the tutorials 101, but I feel a bit silly for being stuck. Basically I am having a hard time placing boxes next to each other. Like two boxes inline in a section.

Not sure what to use? Grids, containers or divs. I find I have to play around with the spacing a lot but then I have problems resizing the box. Not sure how to do this, any help for a total novice would be great!
Thanks alot.

Ahhh, ok I think im getting close. So I added a container, changed it to flex, added a div where I put the heading, paragraph and button in. But trying to get an image in is proving problematic.

please take a look at this.


@ guoshuzhang Thank you very much for this buddy, appreciated :slight_smile: