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How to hold the background scrolling with hamburger menu?

When I switchto Tablet mode, I’ve set up a hamburger menu on the right top corner. When enabled, the background still move making it difficult to return to the main page.
Is there a way to freeze the background once the hamburger menu is open?
Here is a video of the problem:

My preview link:

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi @rafdesign,

May I ask you, why don’t you use generic navbar for this functionality?

Hi Sabanna,
I tried at the beginning to use the nabber made by web flow but it felt that I didn’t have much control, on the in and out ease, dissolve, motion, etc.
So I found this web flow page andI replicate something similar:
I don’t know anything about coding, I am just wondering why it’s not working properly.

Maybe because navbar is a bit more complicated element than we think. There is involved javaScript functionality and for people who are not very friendly with coding (and I am one of them) it can be hard to catch some small but important details. :confused:

But, let’s go back to “how I can help”.

  1. In the example that you showed they use “fixed positioned” navbar, that is why you do not see such weird effect there. So you can make “navbar_A” element position fixed and give it background color same as menu has.

  2. If you still want to have “absolute positioned” navbar, then I would suggest getting rid of 100px from the top in the aligning settings of “menu_overlay_B” element

At least, it will make all page same color, but navbar still will be possible to scroll out.


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