How to hide image on hover out in follow mouse cursor interaction?

Hi there!

Actually I’m developing a project and in which I have to make an interaction for a section, so the interaction is like when the user will hover on a box then the image will reveal on hover and then it will follow the cursor and when the mouse will hover out image will hide, so I have developed this interaction but the only problem is that when I hover out the image doesn’t hide it just stick with the cursor & second thing is if I add filter like blur on box background then the image will go too far from the cursor it follows the movement of the cursor but stays too far now I couldn’t figure it out that how to fix this issue, can anyone help me please?

Here is the image of that section

Here is my Read Only Link:
(Webflow - Fig 2 Flow)

Hi @moiz_striker ,

What happening is that on hover over the elements, you ‘show’ the Image Preview Wrap which is fixed and covers the hole screen. This means that you can not ‘Hover Out’ of it. Since it is a descendant (child) of the interaction trigger, it means that also on that element you can not ever ‘Hover Out’.

I hope I am clear :smile:

Hi @avivtech,

yeah I understood, actually I’m trying to make this interaction just like in this website ( in the Perks section, you can hover and see the image will reveal and hide when we hover out and also the cursor still works like if we take the cursor on the text then it will turn into selection like, so how can I fix this issue can you help me out?