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Hover image reveal >flickering cursor

I have been trying to follow some tutorials, an element trigger on mouse hover. It revealed the image up until I put the hover out animation on, now the cursor just blinks on preview. I can’t figure out what I’ve done wrong. I appreciate any help. Also, I’m very new to webflow, so please explain things to me like a 5-year-old:slight_smile:

( I have googled this issue and i can’t find something that works/I understand)

my test site:

tutorials followed:

Hi @NSilva,

Welcome to the Webflow Community, you’ve come to right the place to get the help you need.

Regarding this issue, you have created the ‘interaction’ correctly - so no issues there.

But why is the flickering happening?
Because you have an ‘Absolute’ position on the image (that is revealed on hover).
If you remove the Absolute position you will see that the interaction works correctly.

However, you will now see that you have a layout position issue (as the image will be revealed at the top of your document.)

So the challenge for you know is to figure out how get the layout you want.

Hint: If you want to stay with the Absolute Position, you could add to your interaction a show/hide on the text link.

Let us know how you get on.