Custom Collection List Links for two collection items only?

Hello Webflow community! Is there some way to have two of the links from a collection list be able to link to certain pages on the site while all the others link directly to their linked cms pages?

I have a design I need to be different for the two main dentists and then all the other staff members fall under the standard collection design.

It seems like this should be easy for me to figure out… but I haven’t found any solutions yet. Anyone have any thoughts?

The page is under the “Our team > Meet our staff” page.

Here is my public share link:

No (This is not so useful or make-sense).

Only for this specific case add the 1 and 2 manually (Static use the same styles) - Than add the collection-list for 34567 (Remove 1 and 2 from the collection -or- filter those items).

The easiest way is "1 and 2 in row1one"
the rest in row2 above… (Not like your screenshot)

Like your screenshot - you should know better CSS and so on (Copy styles for the all tree of this list).

-OR- By JS custom code (Put this “JS” before body per page + will work only under publish/live url + Remember to not change your CSS class names for this list).


/* select child one and two */
child_one = $( ".dynamicflexchild:nth-child(1) a.w-inline-block");
child_two = $( ".dynamicflexchild:nth-child(2) a.w-inline-block");


/*change url of child one and two */

Example (Some days from now I delete this codepen so copy this):

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Thanks so Much @Siton_Systems. I really appreciate you looking into this for me! this helps me a lot!