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How to get certain element to line up with another element in another div block

Good day Webflow community,
I’m starting my first project on Webflow, and I must say, this is THE BEST website designer I have ever come across.
But I really need some help,
I have two div blocks inside a container, side by side which each holds one half of the screen, as you can see in the screenshot, with another div block inside the big div block holding the two images of the phone.
However, I would like the div block holding the images of the phones to line up with the other div block on the other side, so that the length of text in the paragraph would keep one side’s images higher up/lower than the other.

Hopefully, someone can help me out!
Thank for reading,

Here is my site Read-Only: (

You can probably just set the two text boxes the same height

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This works, why didn’t I think of this!