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Aligning Elements in Columns


I am having trouble aligning elements within a three column layout. I have text and pics in each column. I want to have the three testimonial pics in alignment. I know that I could accomplish this by having the same amount of text characters in the three columns but I want to do so without cutting the testimonial length. I have tried giving set pixel lengths to the paragraph blocks and many other configurations to the div blocks. When I do so this section no longer remains responsive.

You’ll find the section on the Services Page of the website.

Thanks (in advance) for looking and providing a solution.

You could give a min-height property to your text box but as your design is so elastic, it’s difficult to make it work for any given screen size.

You could put this element on a container which will center it and limit it to 960px. Then use the min height.

Like this:

Had to put a min-height on the title too… I had to modify your design a bit to make the view fit in my very big screen. You must have a really big screen, the site is huge in dimensions :wink:

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