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How to get AJAX-style nav

Currently when a new page loads in my Webflow site, it reloads EVERYTHING on the page. Sloooowly. Partly because of the size of the assets (large image behind menu nav) - is there no way of caching these images? It seems to be fine on the Designer preview mode (page switches on full load), but on the hosted domain it obviously (and slowly) reloads the whole page, nav bar and all.

Following this post, I’ve implemented Animsition to hold the page content behind a preloader until it’s ready to show - but how can I make the header nav persist across each page load (or at least appear to)?

Weirdly this doesn’t happen on my phone (which I guess is doing a better job of caching repeat content!?)

EDIT: Actually this seems to only be happening on Chrome – Safari and FF both work as expected. Looking into that now.

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