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Page load animations horribly choppy in Safari, great in Chrome & oddly in Webflow Designer

Head scratcher for me. Makes no sense.

Page load animations… wow, great. They look fantastic while working in Webflow Designer in Safari. Then, because of seeing how heavy some pages are, kept testing in Chrome… also, page load animations look fantastic in Chrome.

Then, decide to view itself in Safari for kicks… horribly choppy/poppy even sometimes non-existent page load animations; and totally inconsistent from page to page. The element animations that are in my “menu” work just as good as always. But, the page load ones are utterly horrible, if they even happen at all.

I’ve turned off all extensions in Safari, and also tried incognito mode in Safari. Cleared the cache from the developer menu. No matter what, the animation performance is terrible. But, again… the puzzler is, they perform buttery smooth when I’m previewing them in Webflow Designer in the same Safari browser, extensions enabled or not.

I was hoping to launch this tonight, and go party, then this happens. I need to send out links for work when this is done first thing Monday. Need this working. Any ideas what is going on? Bug? Help!

NOTE: The “about” and “contact” pages do not have these, but every other link does. And, again, page to page, the performance is consistently bad in Safari, but in different ways (one move animation is fine, but a opacity change is choppy or just pops, etc).

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