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How to feed CMS based text with mouseover-recalled glossary modals?

Hello Webflow community.

I scoured this forum in detail for answers and found that others have the same ideas - but unfortunately no answer that helps me further.

As we use a lot of scientific language on our website (which will be extended in the near future), my plan is to integrate our own glossary into the cronologic website.

I have created a glossary collection list for the keywords plus a second one for the initial letters so that I could nest this list into the first to create a (provisionally) glossary page that shows all keywords in the correct order and links to the related article. That was the easy part.

The hard one for me is to achieve the following:

In the rich text elements of the website (which are fed from several different collection lists) the glossary keywords have to be turned into links, which show the content of the related article in a modal during a mouseover. So the user can recall the keyword description by moving the mouse over keywords that are in the glossary. And yes - everything has to be editable in the CMS by collaborators that are no Webflow designers.

Creating the modal itself will not be the problem. But identifying keywords that are in the glossary collection list and relating them to consistent content seems to be very hard. I am sure, that Java knowledge is involved - which I don’t have.

Ideally, a script would search the CMS content automatically for keywords, and if one is found it would set a link to the related article. No new page is opened when you click, but the modal is displayed when you mouseover and the associated content is loaded from the glossary collection list.

Alternatively, I could try to search for keywords on the page myself and set the link by hand. In this case, however, I have no idea how mouseover-triggered modals should be created because the texts are buried in CMS.

Is anybody able to help me?

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