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How to enable horizontal scroll snap and link connection (like tabs) for CMS

Hi Webflow community!

I am new to webflow and I am trying to build my portfolio website. I want to make the Project CMS information on the home page horizontally scrollable. I also have names of the projects on the side which I want to connect to the actual project section on the homepage itself ( not navigate to project page but scroll to cms section). I haven’t been able to find many videos for CMS Component interactions so would love your help in case I am missing something. I also want the Horizontal scroll to snap to the start of each project.

Here is the read-only link to my project Webflow - Aarti's Fantabulous Project

I am trying to figure this interaction out for weeks. and now I just think I am making everything worse. I have started from scratch about 3 times. Also, I used this horizontal scroll video by webflow but not sure if it’s the best or only way to do it…

Eagerly waiting for a way to solve this issue :slight_smile: Thanks for your time!! :smiley: