How to embed this code into one of pages currently building. HELP

Hello @natalee9,

When you adding some code into post here you should wrap it with preformatted text

Other way nobody can see it :confused: As it is now.

i am new to website can you explain more on this topic. please

Hi again @natalee9!
Here is tutorial how to add embed code to your site

Also feel free to watch other tutorials and courses from help-center.


i did ad code this way but i got error message

Hi @natalee9, thanks for the followup. it looks like you have embedded some iframe code. That will show on the published site, but not in the designer.

Could you try to publish the site and then see how it looks published?



indent preformatted text by 4 spaces did try but i dont see link appearing

Hi @natalee9

Can you give us your read-only link?

I am trying to embed code into the page called “search for home” maybe code is wrong but this is link

this is code i used

problem resolve i used this code the only thing i did was replaced to my link

I read about it here

this is how to embed a link into any webpage

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