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How to embed Datatables into webflow sites?

I want to produce table like this:

I failed to embed datatables into my webflow site. I exported the code and deleted the duplicated jQuery added to the footer automatically and it works. Now back to Webflow, I put all the codes in footer and it works.

However, since the js and css links are added to header in the Datatables guidance, I’m not sure whether there’s any problem that I put them at footer now.

Hi @epp530, it is possible to use DataTables plugin with a Webflow site hosted or exported.

You do not need to put in the jQuery line because the correct version of jQuery is already loaded by Webflow, by default (v3.3.1.

CSS you can link in Head normally, but should also work in Before Body section of custom code.
jQuery goes in the Before Body section of custom code in Project settings or in Page settings.

HTML code can go in embeds.

I am not really sure what you are trying to do exactly, but I made a quick example of DataTables and Webflow with Static Data and also using CMS collection as the source.

See more here and to clone the project:

I hope this helps

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