How to edit CMS item individually?

Hey folks,

In the CMS collection ‘Modules,’ there’s a corresponding 'Modules ’ page featuring four modules.

For Module 4, I want to add a “coming soon” tag or change its CTA text. Alternatively, explore if there’s a way to edit this specific item without impacting the others.

I’m facing an issue where changes made to one item affect all. I tried a workaround by limiting the CMS collection list to display only three modules, but it doesn’t align with my objective.


Any help would be appreciated!

Here is my public share link: LINK

Additionally, is it possible to assign distinct colors to each div-line beneath the Module Numbers while considering the constraints of the CMS?

Hey Ishmin, you’re making us guess here without your readonly designer link.
I’m going to assume you’re talking about a static page here with a collection list, which shows 4 Modules that are in a single CMS collection.

To vary #4, you can just add a switch field to your CMS, e.g. “coming soon”, and then you’d switch that on for #4.

In you’re design you’d use that field with conditional visibility to make your adjustments, e.g. “Coming soon” instead of “View Module”. Maybe a grayed out title, whatever you like. Dig into conditional visibility here and you’ll get the idea of what you can accomplish.

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@memetican, I’ve refreshed the read-only designer link. I’ll explore conditional visibility for sure. Thanks a lot!