Editing Collection Items on an Individual Basis

Hey all:

I have a collection list on a page. It is already using one nested collection, so I cannot use that functionality for anything else.

I want to make individual edits to each item that indicate the public transportation nearest to it. I have over 60 entries, so the content of each item will vary greatly.

I don’t know how to make custom edits to each item without it impacting ALL the others items.

Any input would be welcome. See link below.

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Here is my public share link: [LINK]

Hi @Kyle_Picone, can you provide more details on what you meant by custom edits? what is it that you want to show specifically to each entry?

Hey denny. Custom edits amounts to stylized text that comes at the end of every item (which take the form of cards in this instance).

As the website is based around NYC matters, the custom content will be nearby Subway lines. There are over 20 of them, so each item will get a couple.

I cannot use a multi-reference as I’m already doing that once in this instance.

I see, I think this is where you’d need a plug in like Attributes by Finsweet. This will enable you to nest multiple cms collections.

Oh wow! Is Attributes free?

Yep I believe so. Its a relatively easy integration with clear instructions. If you face any issue I’m happy to help.

Thank you. I will definitely give this a try.

Hey denny: after three hours, I cannot get CMS Nest to work. :frowning: Anyway I can get your eyes on it? Publish link is in first post; can re-share if needed. I’m tearing my hair out over this.

Hey @Kyle_Picone, let me take a look and see where I can help :slight_smile:

I’ll be adding some issues I spot.

  1. The link isn’t set to the CMS items’ “Current Page”

The Collection(To Nest) should be set at Collection List level not Collection List Wrapper.

The “To Nest” link is also not set to the "Current Page’.

In case you need more help you can use this guide to troubleshoot too: Attributes Support

Hey! Thank you so much.

One: I think I successfully changed link on the empty div. However, you and the tutorial both talk about a “Current Page” but I’m somewhat unclear that that “Current Page” is. Is it the CMS Collection-generated page with the purple icon in the pages list? Mine is called “Current Bar” and I changed it to that. If my process on this is wrong, please let me know.

Two: Good observation on the List v. Wrapper! I updated.

Nest Link: same observations as above. However, I made the change and had the Link (nested under Wrapper » List » Item) direct to the CMS Collection “Subway Line”. It does not give me an option for “Current Page” or “Current Bar”.

@Kyle_Picone Just checked the project again and it looks like you’ve figured it out on your own. However, I can see that its still not working. Edit: looking into it.

I mightve found the issue. The attribute is not complete it should be “fs-cmsnest-collection”

Hey denny! Thanks so much for all your help :smiling_face:

To complete this circle and give some insight onto what I think wrong:

  1. Not all of the necessary hyperlinks I included were pointed in the right direction, at least I think. I honestly did a lot of trying different things and refreshing. But that was a part of it.
  2. The biggest thing that was amiss though had to do with Nested Collection that was placed on the Parent Element’s Template page. Perhaps because of the order in which I did things, the Collection on the Template page was linked to the Child CMS, which was incorrect. It needed to be connected to the data field/multi-reference field, itself (in the case of my site: Subway Lines). Put a different way: it needed to be linked to the field within the child collection, not the collection itself.

The only way I was able to remedy it was to delete the Child CMS’s collection on the CMS page and re-enter it. That changed up the options available.

And then it was a lot of finger crossing. :stuck_out_tongue: