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How to downgrade from CMS to basic hosting

Hey there,

I have changed my business from a collaboration to a single business. I want to use our webflow page for pointing to my new site

I do not longer need the CMS feature for my Zackete-page. Is there a possibility to downgrade from CMS hosting to basic hosting?

Thank You

(“known as” Zackete_de)

You can cancel the project hosting entirely, and set up a redirect from your domain name provider/registrar to the new site.

Any reputable domain name registrar will allow you to set up a redirect.

hey @samliew,

thank you. Maybe this is the easiest way to do this.

But what, if I want to keep a basic site without CMS Features in webflow with basic Hosting?

Then how do you want to redirect? Do you know what you want to do?

@samliew YES :slight_smile:

Maybe my english is more complicated than the result I want to achieve …

Website “zackete” with CMS hosting

Website “zackete” with basic hosting (short info about changed business and link to new site)

I solved my problem.

I canceled my CMS hosting, removed all my CMS items and references and started a new basic hosting…

thank you for your time @samliew