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How to do the opening text 3d animation on the 3d transforms page?

Wondering two things.

Does webflow allow us to clone the page, and thus we can get in and see under the hood how they did a few things.

Specifically, what are the settings for the opening text animation / 3d transition for the words

Also, is there a master post with responses where people can post and share what they have created?
I wish the Discover section of weblfow allowed us to search for keywords or tags, or made the exisiting tags on some projects clickable.


Here is my public share link: LINK
(how to access public share link)

You didn’t read the page. It says at the bottom:

Everything you see on this page was created visually in Webflow. Open this site in the Webflow designer.

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sweet @samliew - from now on I’ll read the very last text in the footer on all webflow pages, thank you Sir :wink:

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