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How to do a clip-path?

Hi guys,

I have created the branding for a client and now I am building his website. I want to use some elements of the logo within the design. If you take a look, I used the skew transformation for the sections. The problem I am having is, if you see the testimonial section the edges where the photos are, look pixelated. So my questions are; if I use the clip-path style, will the line look smooth? and also; how can I apply that class to each element?


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I have seen this. You can try this resource:

It’s best to create an SVG to apply these clip-paths to.

Hope that helps.

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It looks like the old quarkXpress (or Indesign) trick works here too: make the background of the .testimonial photo black. It tends to disappear more - not totally gone, but way more acceptable.