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How to display a load popup only once per user/submission?

Hi guys,

I want to ask you if is possible that a popup doesn´t appear anymore after a submit suscription on the website.

the link of the website is:

Thank you

You mean after submitting a form once, or simply after the first visit from someone?

I made a demo site for a popup that only appears once (in a given time, the demo is set for 24h) for each user visit. It works by setting up a cookie.

I mean after submitting a form once…

@Nicolas_Marquez_Vill did you find an answer by any chance?

@vincent I’ve tried your code but I’m not able to make it work. I too, would like to make it never come back once someone filled out the form if possible? :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Just to be clear, you understand that users can delete cookies, use different browsers/devices, thus the NEVER part is not achievable with cookies.

I don’t follow url shortened links myself. Maybe you could share the real URL?

Yes I do understand @webdev. I also understand that if they change computer (work vs home) it will also come back…

As for the url since the name of our site is in the url I don’t want it to be scrubbed by google somehow so feel free to help the next person if you’re not comfortable clicking on this one.


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