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How to disable img share/copy from mobile view


I’m trying to protect the images on my website (though I know screenshot is not preventable).
Here’s a view only link:

for pc view, I’ve already add the code to Custom Code area:

But for mobile view, I guess it’s because long press is different than right click, so I’m wondering is there another code could prevent mobile long press?
And for all graphics, I’m using .svg, if this cannot be fixed, should I change all svg to png? will that slower my website loading?

Thank you so much!

You can’t stop people from grabbing your work online. As a professional photographer who has had plenty ripped, a watermark is your best bet, and if you are serious, a digital watermark that allows for tracking use.

Also remember that when images are uploaded to Webflow, they are stored on a CDN and you can’t use robots.txt to block the spiders from crawling and displaying them. In fact anyone with the URI can just embed on their site without your knowledge. This is a reason I don’t put my work on Webflow’s back end. I choose to use my own CDN, and control access as I need.

May I know how personal CDN work? Is that mean you imbed all the photos?

Yes that is the approach to use if you use Webflow. You also need to handle responsive images on your own. You could look at Cloudinary as an option.


Thank you so much! I will look into it.

Hi @denian I have found and used a workaround for a client who didn’t want his content easily copied. This will also work for your splendid images on mobile.

  • Create a div and use position relative.

  • Place image inside div and give it a Z-index of 0.

  • Add another div alonside the image and assign position Absolute and Full. Give the div a higher Z index and ensure it is has a transparent fill. Then anybody pressing/holding that area of the screen will only be selecting your transparent div, thus protecting the image below.

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