Image protection


I’m working on a portfolio for a client and she would like to present some images.
Ideally she would like to protect her images from being easily copied. I was wondering if there is any solution to protect people from copying the images ?

There no 100% that I know of, but I just use a transparent full size DIV to cover the image so the user can’t ‘right click’ on the image to download it.

Hope that helps (a little)

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yeah, even if you use an image for a background the file is going to be accessible via code or assets file.

Hi @MoinardColin

Have you tried this?

Once again @PixelGeek :heart: to the rescue.
You can always add a right click block and pretty much 90% of the people who see it, will just abandon all hopes of getting to that image :smiley:

Even tho it is true that (like I like to say) everything that enters the internet, never really leaves… Most people don’t know how to code and access the back of websites…
And I really doubt some people are willing to go through lines of code to just steal an image :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot for the answers ! I’m gonna try those and it should be very fine :slight_smile:

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