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How to design a section with a lot of information and bullet points

I have a webpage with a lit of different services which are not all completed but will contain a lot of information. I feel that the amount of information and bulle point based on the service make it looks so cluttered. i would like to do a zig zag design on the different services but it seems like I have to take away information so it looks pleasent. Below is an example of what Im talking about. The 1st section is the original idea I had but below it is a section that Im trying to refine but not looking so good. Any ideas

*I like the way mailchimp uses the zig-zag design

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Hi @jtorr19,

You might want to first define your rich text field, by styling it before you add in the content or even while the content is i there so you can see what works best for you.

Here is a video that @PixelGeek Nelson created explaining:

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Good morning sir, I was playing the rich text field and decided not to use that. But in general when one has an abundance info such as paragraphs and bullet points, how would that be designed? Should I take away so its not cluttered?


Depends on what your overall goal/plan is for the site. If this content will be static and never changing you can use the float elements of the layout.

If you plan on adding more of similar or like content, I would recommend using the CMS, styling a rich text field and then input your content into that field. Especially now with the ability of adding Embed code right in the designer and editor, so many other functions can happen.

But it’s truly your choice on what you want to do.

Please let me know if you have any other questions,

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