How to delete the "add to cart" element?

hello all!
I’m having a problem with the ‘add to cart button’ on my product page template. I actually have two occurences and I can’t remove them (see screenshot)

I wanna start my product page template from scratch. any idea?

Many thanks in advance!

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Im having the same issue. Couldnt delete, had to revert to a earlier backup. But im sure there is something im missing :slight_smile:

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I added the “add to cart button” on a different page that’s not the product template and i can’t remove it or any of its parent elements either. SOS

I’m having the same issue.
I’ve been able to disconnect all CMS connections from the “add to cart” element except the option select field.
In wait for a proper solution I simply make this element display none for now which at least lets me finish up the page.

strange there is no easy solution to that problem. is webflow thinking of solving it?

You can just set it to display:none I believe! Won’t actually delete it, but it will be out of your way.

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It seems like no, as it is still not fixed…

I am having the same issue :smile: such a weird thing haha - additionally, you cannot duplicate elements with an add to cart element in it either. Once you place the add to cart element, it is there forever until you hide it…wonder what they thought to do with this :thinking: I hope they fix it soon got some urgent projects to finish…

Having the same problem, so strange…

Same problem. I have 3 hidden “Add To Cart” sections on my site at this point because I can’t delete.

I tried and asked other people as well and I couldn’t find a way to get rid of it.

I have same problem here, i put add cart on home page to test something now i cant delete it… I hope webflow will fix it soon. For now only thing we can do is make it display none…

I am experiencing the same issue.

I have been dealing with this issue for months hoping it would be resolved but every time i come back to check this thread it is just more people having the same problems with no help from Webflow… It is making my site heavier and affecting load time therefore affecting my SEO… tragic bc I don’t want to switch platforms but I will have to until this has a fix