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How to delete lines of code in webflow.js? Or how to replace webflow-cdn/webflow.js with custom-cdn/custom.js

My webflow.js file is almost 150kb, after looking at it dev says he can truncate it and might be able to optimize down to 80-120kb.

For example below, project only uses a few tweening curves, the rest of the tweening curves are no used redundant code. How can we delete lines of redundant code in webflow.js file on a webflow hosted project?

Not to be confused with deleting or optimizing IX2 interactions or hover states.

I don’t believe you’re able to edit the internal js files as long as you don’t export the code and host it elsewhere.

Do you know where I can find proper header code to replace override webflow-cdn/project/webflow.js with custom-cdn/project/custom.js ?