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How to define different column ratio for smaler devices?

How can I set a different column-ratio for table-view?
For example in desktop-view I want 4:8 but in tablet-view I want 5:7
What ever I change, it stays always the same.

Did I miss something?

Kind regards

Is this not possible with Weblfow columns?
Do I have to do my own columns?

Kind regards

Hi @Alain thank you so much for checking in with the community on adjusting column sizing by breakpoint.

At this time it’s not possible to do this with our native column element, but many customers have reported great success with using our CSS Grid element, or Flexbox, then defining the width in percentages for each respective column. This way the widths can be defined per breakpoint for each column.

It looks like CSS Grid may be the best option with your table-like layout.