Two columns in different widths Desktop / Tablet

Hi! good afternoon;
I have problems for solving the following issue:

How should I do to …?

Within a ROW has 2 columns Column 1 and Column 2
Well I want to do the following:

column 1 = 8 col,
column 2 = 4 col;

column 1 = 6 col,
column 2 = 6 col;

When I put in 6 col TABLET, it automatically changes DESKTOP.

Thank you very much.

Everything you set in the SETTINGS TAB is set for all devices. Only what you set in the STYLE TAB is device dependent.

For what you want to do you can either use the ROW widget and build two separate copies of it, one with 8/4 cols for the desktop and one with 6/6 cols for mobile devices. Then while the adequate device selected, hide the unused ROW by setting it to display:none in the Settings tab. Or you can recreate a ROW without using the widget so you have more control of it. Place DIVs in a container, set them to display:inline block and adjust their size as desired. Change their size for each device.

Hola, gracias por tu respuesta;
entiendo tu propuesta.

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