How to customize image URL on webflow?

Does anyone know how to customize the image URL? I don’t want it to look like a bunch of gibberish. .
The problem I have is: I will name the uploaded image, but my alt name will only appear at the end of the image link, for example:[my-alt-name].png

so how to turn it to https:/**/**png ?

any ideas?

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I want the same thing but it seems like there’s no option like this right now on webflow.

Webflow’s hosting approach separates a site’s asset hosting from its HTML pages, likely for performance and costing reasons. Assets need to be simply served quickly and with no processing. Your site itself has some dynamic processing needs around password protection, membership, e-com, logic, and perhaps collection-lists - which require a different server environment than your assets do.

It’s unfortunate there isn’t a way to at least namespace and alias these like… so that asset URLs appear to have some relevant branding. But that’s currently not the case. Your only option there is to host the site and assets yourself, and then you can configure it however you like.

If you want to give an asset URL directly to a customer, pointing e.g. to a PDF, you’re better off hosting that asset somewhere like Netlify, and assign a subdomain like

There are some relevant wishlist items about this topic, too. Most of them are about removing the text webflow from the URL, which is a change Webflow shipped earlier this year.