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Allow unique URL for static files (custom hosting)


I’ve already done initial research in regards to this, and understand this is probably a bit of a fool’s errand question, but I might as well do my due diligence.

Quick summary, in moving our marketing site from our previous host to Webflow, I realized after-the-fact that it broke a few hard URLs related to images. These images were being used for our email signatures and a few other things. Nothing major, but nobody likes broken links. Moving forward I have already uploaded these files to Amazon S3 – mainly because best practice is to separate image assets from our marketing site. Unfortunately, all old emails sent now has a broken link in our signatures.

Is there ANY way at all to provide a way to provide that old static URL in Webflow?

For instance, the old (now broken) URL was:

I thought perhaps redirects could work, however within Webflow it only allows to redirect to pages. I thought a redirect from the old URL to new URL could work, but I never could get it right.

I understand Webflow doesn’t offer FTP uploads/unique URL strings at the moment. But I figured I’d propose my problem and see if there’s ANYTHING you guys could propose to keep that old URL working?


As long as they are images, create a dashboard page in your WF project and up your images there. Publish and browse, right click for the static link. This won’t work with pdf or zip, only jpg gif png and svg.


Thanks, but unfortunately Webflow automatically adds gibberish to image filenames, so instead of “signature.jpg” it’s “3dsf923rjwf02k_signature.jpg” or something. Unless there’s a way around that…?

You’re right. I don’t know of a way around, sorry.