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How to create Webflow-like 'Sort-by-Column' Table?

Could anyone help with how create a table similar to Webflow’s ‘Collaborate with your team’ screenshot (see near bottom of Webflow Home pg.) that appears to have sorting functionality. Is there a CSS plug-in for this?


hey…i want that UI…lol

I’m not a big dev guy, but I believe you need to write custom code and them bring it into webflow for tables.

I’m guessing this is the Webflow teams $84/ month plan?

If so #teamWF - is there any video to showcase some of the features of why its good to jump to this plan from the personal or professional plan?

// cc @thesergie

Unfortunately we don’t have support for tables in Webflow yet without writing custom code.

The team plans allow for collaboration for webflow projects (as shown in the screenshot), not additional features like tables.

We’ll let you know when we have native support for tables!

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thanks for the update @thesergie

quick Q: Are there any demo video’s that showcase what the team plans look like in the backend dashboard / UI - I’m starting to have my needs grow where this may be the next step up in my relationship with Webflow
/ #datingperiodwasgood :wink:

A table widget doing what’s shown in the screencap, with sortable cols by default and a good, well designed default style would be awesome, a real time saver.