How to Create This Text Effect?

So I want to create a very similar effect to this website’s text effect. I know you can create regular knockout text using this tutorial but is there a way I can do this with video like in the site above?
If so, is there also a way to achieve the scroll effect that they achieved?

Hello @_Izz do you have a link you can share to your project? I would be able to check if it can work, I am not 100% sure but I think they have an interaction to scale (grow) that entire div and then fade it out once it gets big enough. I hope that makes sense. Hope it helps!

So I generally start from scratch so I don’t really have a presentable project yet but I cloned this other project and somewhat setup the text in terms of positioning:

How would I go about achieving the video effect though?


I think you need to add a few lines of code, the text-effect is pretty straight forward CSS but I do not think you can set the parameters in Webflow. I might be wrong. The CSS is explained well in this little video with a weird song: