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How to create static text on a page

I thought I a nice setup with some static text and a changing slider behind it but when I tested it out here ( using the iPad simulator, the static text dropped into the paragraphs below.

Right now, the text in in the same container as the slider, and I’ve got it set to a negative top position and a higher z-index. Which, in my mind, should be sitting over-top of the slider at all times. Apparently Apple doesn’t think so.

Is there a better/more widely accepted way to accomplish this so that it’s more widely compatible?

Here is my public share link: LINK
Here is the live link

Bump for help.

Does anyone know how to create text that sits a a top ‘layer’ over all other elements AND works on Apple devices/safari?

Figured out what worked better. Using Margins is better than using position for all devices, especially i-devices.

Place it in a div and give it an absolute position with a higher z-index ?

Seems you fixed it. Site looks ok (on my end) via an ipad.

Thanks @Revolution

I did put it in a DIV, which obviously didn’t help out the ‘position’ element but did work for negative margins. Which may be a more simpler and wider compatible way of doing it. Thanks for the iPad test! that was important for me.

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