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Add permanent text on top of slider

The video tutorial “Sliders” shows how to put text on each slide, which is clear, but how do I put text on top of the slider slides that does not move and is the same on each slide?

Hi there,

Excellent design question, and I’m happy to help!

One possible solution is to add the text within your slider element with a style of position:fixed.

You can view the possible solution in the following test example that I created:
Live site -
Read-only link -

Hopefully this helpful! :nerd_face:

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when I log into your site, I see a background image with text on top but the background image doesn’t slide. Is it supposed to? I’m looking for a slider in the background and fixed text on top.

Did you find a solution? I am trying to do the same and its been 3 hours im stuck on it

This is an example

“Expect Better”

And this picture below is my project