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How to create lines?

Hello Guys !

I am a beginner on webflow and I can not find a way to create a lign like in this template : around the “rejoins notre communauté”

Please Can someone tell me how to add lines ? Thank you !!!

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hi @Camille_Di_vincenzo there are two main ways

  1. use :before and :after
  2. create container that will contain 3 elements line - text - line (can be easiest for you)
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Hello Stan,

How can I create the 3 elements Line - Text - Line ?
There’s no “line” in my “Add Element” section.

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

Hi @Camille_Di_vincenzo lines are created with standard div element you can give a class "line ". Set height and/or width and background color.

with :before you set identical properties but only difference is that :before and :after should have position absolute.


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hi @Camille_Di_vincenzo if you do not have further questions about how to create lines feel free to close your request as solved.

Thank you

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