How to create Dynamic downloable Pdf

Hello Everyone,
I need help :pray:t2:

I want to create Dynamic downloable pdfs.

Having 1 blog posts collection, suppose with 5 records…
Now for a no1 record - I got a single blog post page- here I want to add a download now button- once clicked I want it to download pdf ( this pdf is going to have some data from record 1 , and the design of the pdf is going to be different from that blog post)

So it’s like for each record it’s going to have a blog post page there will be download button to download the respective pdf. Blog post & pdf is going to fetch data from same record in collection.

Please Help :pray:t2:

Hello @ipsit, so what you have to do is to add a file to your CMS collection

under Field types just select File and then you can add that file to your dynamic download button. I hope this helps.

My client don’t want to create pdf file manually. And the blog post layout and pdf layout isn’t going to be same, but the data in both cases coming from same collection record.

Oh I got it now @ipsit, so what you need is a print page button, so I think this post from the forum will be helpful for you Print Page Button I hope this helps!

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