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How to create a tab menu with interactions

Hello there,

Im trying to create a tab menu with interactions like this

I have created sections that with different content and put it on non display 0% transparency and the tab buttons to trigger them to display 100% when clicked.

My problem is to make them appear on top of each other and to use the tab bar buttons over and over again. Anyone that knows if this is possible or am I just getting it wrong?

Thanks everyone!

Hi Daniel, I’d say that creating a tab control probably falls outside the scope of Interactions, since that feature is meant for more lighter weight behaviors/animations.

We’re actually in the process of creating a dedicated Tabs widget/control (kind of like Slider), and hope to get it to you guys before the end of the month, so hopefully you’re able to wait a bit.

Hope that makes sense!


Hi @callmevlad,

Thats what I was thinking… Im really new into this but got a lot of ideas that I want to try and I really appreciate your support at Webflow that tech and make my work easier…
I’m looking forward to your updates, it’s like christmas every time :smiley:

Thanks for Webflow!