How to create a Symbol

Hello everyone,

I am trying to translate website from one language to another.
I am using method where i copied all the pages and i am manually translating them.

I am stuck at part where i translate navigation bar buttons, when i translate them on one page settings are updated on both (copy and original)

I’ve found some old tutorials on forum but software design has changed since that and i could not figure out how to undo a symbol, rename it and symbol it again.

If you have solution please answer :slight_smile: is website.

Hi @Slobodan_Dabic and welcome creating and unlinking symbol is done via right click on element it self.

create symbol

unlink symbol

Hello Stan,

Thank you so much for fast reply, I made it!
This was so simple to do yet so hard to find it myself… :slight_smile:

I seperated and renamed symbols for different language pages and now it works like a charm.

Best regards,

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