How to create a "log-out" button with Webflow's Beta Membership feature

I’ve managed to sorta successfully create a members only with the new beta. Anyone figure out how to make a “log-out” button? Once logged in, the “log-in” page is redirected to the “Home” page. I’d like to be able to log-out so the Log-in page can be showed to clients, and in the future being able to log-out of computers that are not yours.

Here’s the read only link. Webflow - Allgreens Web V2

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Like this


If I could send you a beer through the mail I would!!! Thanks Lou!

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Haha, it’s my pleasure! I’m struggling with this. If you have any idea how to tackle it I might send you a beer myself. :slightly_smiling_face::joy:

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Yes, please if anyone can share their thoughts on how to redirect to a specific page after sign up/login.

You can change the “redirect fallback” in the form settings. User pages overview | Webflow University

The redirect fallback never worked for me…

Instead, it redirected to whatever I set if login failed (not succeed).

Though this in Beta, so that may not be global behavior.

If that’s how it’s working for you too, I’ve come up with an alternate solution that does indeed work well.

Here’s what I did:

Instead of using the login/logout element that comes with the Memberships feature, I just used an ordinary link element.

If you look close at the Memberships login url, it’s always the same:


So I just hard coded that for the URL.

Where it gets interesting is the usredir param in the URL.

Webflow Memberships auto populates that for you based upon where they think you should be redirect to upon a succesfull login.


I just set to the Webflow static (or collection) page that I want to go to.

Here’s how that flow looks:

It’s a hack, yes.

But it solves the immediate problem.