How to create a full scrolling webpage

Hello Webflow community!

I am fairly new on the scene and still figuring out the vast possibilities the incredibly powerful webflow designer enables.

Could you help me with one question… I am looking to achieve an interactive scroll animation, something very similar to this site:

I am unsure how to go about my webpage layout in order to achieve this scrolling effect. To break this down into smaller questions…

  • Would it be achieved through 1 section with a fixed background applied or multiple sections?

…If the answer is within 1 section, should you use 1 main container (as you would a normal section to keep all content neetly bound) or several (to allow for more layout flexibility)?

…If multiple sections is the answer, how do you maintain the fixed background across all sections?

Not sure if this is worded the best, but hopefully it gets my point across.

Links to similar sites in the webflow designer would be greatly appreciated and/or links to tutorials :slight_smile:

Definitely doable with Webflow, see the tutorial here:

I would probably recommend doing scroll interactions section by section so you have more control and if you need to remove a section it doesn’t interfere with interactions throughout the page.

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