How to create a counter that goes up to a value I set

i need to make a number counter that goes to a specific value every 24 hours

how would one go and do this with webflow?

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What do you mean? Can you be more specific?

Hi @Tal_Shpon,

This is a Javascript related question and outside the scope of Webflow.


i need to have 3 field of text that are animated as if they are counting up to a specific value, each day (24 hours) i want the value to start from scratch counting up to the next number ill input for the next day. how would this be possible with webflow and JS? i mean how can i integrate the JS inside webflow? is there a tutorial on these type of integrations somewhere? maybe a 3rd party service?

You can place custom code in Site header/footer, Page header/footer, and Embed code component

thnx for the replay. i am aware of this feature, what i wanted to ask is: can i get an example of how the embed code changes a specific object?
lets say a text box that show a value from the embeded code. this could be a basic example or a counter (that would be even better)


Here is a basic example

If you require additional custom coding, feel free to contact me here.

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