How to copy Pages between Projects

Hi Guys,

is there any way to copy one Page from a Project into another Project.
Lets say i have build a Website within a different Project and would like to copy the complete Site into another Project. How can i do this? Or should i just duplicate the Project again and setup a new custom domain?

Hope you Guys can help me out.



Hi @George_Konig

Currently Webflow doesn’t support copy/paste between projects, but you can vote for it:

The best solution for you would be to duplicate the website and set your custom domain.
Or recreate the effect/section/etc that you wish into a new project.

Or… You can do like some of us, and create a “blank template” with some functions and effects, and then just duplicate that template every time you have a project… That way you’ll save time with button interactions and hover effects, sliders, etc… :slight_smile:

Hi again,

i was wondering if there might be a way of just switching the custom domain hosting to another project? So instead of moving pages between projects maybe there is a way of moving custom hosting between project?!

Please create a new thread for each unrelated question.

Anyway, this is not possible. Cancel hosting on one project, then set it up on another.

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