How to convert webflow to react.js

I am looking to know what is the available solution to convert Webflow to react.js because now it’s like I am doing the same work twice

First I design the website in Webflow then I export it and provide it to another developer to create the same design but in node js which does not always get the same result because it’s been built again from scratch

Also, some interactions are not working as example you can see the middle interaction is not working

Original design on Webflow

The converted one was built again from scratch as there was no export option to have it in React js

so I need to know what is the best way is I saw a solution in GitHub but it seems it’s not working anymore and the last update was 4 years ago

Your help in this matter is highly appreciated

Thank you
Kind regards

any success? If so, please share.

You can use DevLink if you sign up for the beta. I’m currently trying it out with Next.js, and while there are some quirks, it’s actually quite simple to use and I’m starting to like it quite a lot.