How to consume REST Api's without external tools?

Hi there Webflow Dev community!

I’m looking to build an app that connects to my backend database and was wondering if Webflow allows us to connect and consume REST Api’s without external tools like Wized, Xano, Airtable, Zapier etc and without using the native CMS.

Can anyone please point me in the right direction here?


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Hey Rheed,

Webflow doesn’t have this functionality built into the platform per see. Still, if you know how to write Javascript, it’s possible to build your app’s UI using Webflow and create the functionality you are looking for with custom Javascript.

I hope this helps!

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Logic provides the ability to call external Webhooks, however it depends on exactly what you’re trying to accomplish. In the current BETA there are some limitations on how you can process & use the return values from a Webhook call.

Javascript can be used client-side, but that assumed your API is not CORS-restricted.